Justin Anderson

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About Me

My name is Justin Anderson. I grew up in San Diego and earned my BFA in Animation while attending California State University, Fullerton.

My goal is to become a cartoon creator and make unforgettable stories. I am currently developing a 2D cartoon with a small group of artists. I also work as a 3D Animator for Fenrir Studios on the game, Darkstorm; a Stealth Shooter. I also have strong storyboard, and creative writing skills. I recently published my full length, sci-fi novel, Hybrid.

I worked as a production intern at Nickelodeon Studios in 2013, on their television show, Monsters Vs Aliens. Afterwords I worked with Sony Playstation as a project coordinator for their internal services team. After I finished college I started working as their project coordinator again in 2014.








3D Animation